In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a robust employee retirement program is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. Salary is no longer the sole factor in compensation. These days, valuable employees are looking for an overall benefits package that adequately prepares them for retirement.

At Renaissance Financial, you have access to an experienced team of specialists who will help deliver an attractive benefits program for your employees. Our Retirement Department offers an all-encompassing process of designing, implementing and servicing your comprehensive employee retirement plans.

We begin by reviewing your current benefit plans, including 401(k), Profit Sharing, SEP, 403b, Keogh, Simple IRA Deferred Compensation, and Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans. We can then recommend design changes to better meet both your needs as well as the needs of your employees. From there, we will review your benefits package on an annual basis, meeting with you and your employees to review plan designs and answer any questions you may have.

Your business is unique and so are your employees. At Renaissance, you will find solutions designed to help meet your specific needs with the added benefit of having all your employee retirement plans coordinated by one firm. Our experienced specialists develop tailored solutions for your business through services such as:

Plan Design:

  • Reviewing current retirement plans and recommending changes that better meet employer and employee needs
  •  401(k), Profit Sharing, SEP, 403b, Keogh, Simple IRA, Deferred Compensation and Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans

Plan Implementation:

  • Facilitating and negotiating plan design changes
    • Serving as liaison between you and your employees
  • Conducting employee benefit and enrollment meetings
    • Supporting companies with multiple locations

Plan Service:

  • Meetings to answer questions, address concerns and assist with problem solving related to benefits provided by plan providers
  • Ongoing employee education, promoting understanding and more effective plan use
  • Annual account review assistance

Our Team

The Retirement Plan Services Division at Renaissance Financial is comprised of a team of specialists:

John Siefert

Retirement Sales Executive

Jon Ogren

Retirement Sales Executive

Jay Huber

Group Sales Vice President

Stacy Androuais

Manager, Retirement Plan Services

Meghan Brown

Senior Retirement Plan Account Manager

Emina Sabotic

Retirement Plan Account Manager

Mary Pat AuBuchon

Retirement Plan Implementation Specialist

Nina Miskovic

Retirement Plan Implementation Specialist

Melisa Crnolic

Retirement Plan Account Specialist

Blake Hutchison

Retirement Plan Account Manager


To learn more about Renaissance Financial’s Retirement Plan Services Division, please contact us at (314) 932-4300, or by email at

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