When you invest with Renaissance Financial’s Investment Advisory Services, you get a hands on team of highly experienced investment professionals who are equipped to help you get the most from your money. We work with you to create a roadmap for your financial portfolio based on your unique investment objectives, liquidity needs, tolerance of risk, and time horizon. Whether you have one investment goal or an array of complex needs, we put our investment knowledge and experience to work for you.

Benefits of Our Investment Advisory Services:

  • Personalized one-on-one attention from trusted investment professionals
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the vast array of investment choices available to you
  • Thorough understanding of current market conditions and how it affects your investments
  • Customized investment strategies using stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private money managers and specific strategies geared toward your needs
  • Professional investment guidance based on in-depth research, creating a well thought out strategy that helps anchor emotions when the market hits rough patches
  • Rigorous due diligence via ongoing monitoring
  • Service and expertise that allows you the time to focus on your family and your business

How Our Investment Advisory Services Work:

  • Develop an investment profile: We work with you to determine the appropriate mix of assets that fit your needs, taking into consideration your investment goals, the time frame you want to invest, and your feelings about risk.
  • Choose the right investments: Based on your customized profile, we help create a diversified portfolio with a long-term perspective.
  • Portfolio monitoring: We review the overall market as well as specific stocks and mutual funds on an ongoing basis. We spend a great deal of time watching all of this so you don’t have to.
  • Making adjustments: Life changes, and so do your investment goals. Ongoing meetings with us will allow for your portfolio to be reviewed and adjusted through each stage of your life.

Our Team

The Investment Advisory team at Renaissance Financial is comprised of several investment specialists:

  • Gary Orf, CFA® – Chief Investment Officer
  • Eric Siefert, CFP®, ChFC®, CFS® – Director of Investment Solutions
  • Christine Fitzmaurice – Vice President, Compliance and Investment Operations
  • James Wright, CFA® – Investment Research Analyst
  • Lisa Guthrie – Manager, Investment Advisory Accounts
  • Chris Jones – Trader and Investment Advisory Specialist
  • Zach Belgrade – Trader and Investment Advisory Associate
  • John Noddings – Billing Manager
  • Grace Miskov – Billing Service Representative
  • Justin Amling - Billing Service Representative
  • Jacob Kayser - Investment Advisory Associate
  • Molly Huerter - Investment Advisory Associate
  • Salli-Ann Hollloway - Investment Reporting Specialist
  • Tyler Simmons – Investment Advisory Associate
  • Lea Hartigan – Investment Advisory Associate
  • Dave Corley - Investment Advisory Assistant
  • Alex Goldberg - Investment Advisory Assistant
  • John Tellez - Investment Advisory Assistant

Learn More

To learn more about Renaissance Financial’s Investment Advisory program, please contact Christine Fitzmaurice, Vice President, Compliance and Investment Operations, at (314) 932-4300, ext. 4286, or by email at christine.fitzmaurice@rfconline.com.