The Renaissance Financial Internship Progam

 About Us

Over 25 years ago a diverse group of individuals came together with a shared vision of creating a successful and dynamic financial firm. Their mission: to use creative business and personal planning to help clients achieve financial freedom…one relationship at a time. Since then, Renaissance has flourished, expanding from 14 founding members into a team of well over 250 driven, talented and experienced professionals.

 Position Summary

The Renaissance Financial internship is a highly competitive position available to a limited number of candidates with confidence that each will excel and exhibit the core qualities in becoming a talented Financial Advisor within our firm. Our educational and exciting program offers a wide array of tools and resources designed to give serious participants real world experience in the high-stakes finance industry.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Case study analysis, preparation, and presentation
  • Prepare, run and present investment and insurance reports
  • Attend all local advisor development sessions 
  • Learn how to develop local marketing strategies
  • Assist in portfolio tracking
  • Eligible interns may sit for SIE Exams


“From the moment I walked up to the Renaissance Financial booth at the Career Fair, to the summer internship program, to now in my third year of Advising – I have felt welcomed and supported. Before the internship program, I knew little to nothing about Financial Advising. And by the time I was done with the internship, I knew that I wanted to be a Financial Advisor for the rest of my life. The summer that I spent interning at Renaissance gave me insight into the great impact Renaissance makes in the lives of our clients, their families, and even those internally with the firm. I got to work hands on with several advisors which allowed me to see the different ways advisors run their practice. I learned so much that when I went back to college for my senior year – there were a few classes in which I felt that I already knew the material. The internship program gives young professionals a taste of what this career is like and so when I’m asked if it’s everything I thought it would be – my answer is always, “It’s everything I thought it would be and more”. Getting to work alongside some of the best advisors in the country is an opportunity I would highly recommend. If you’re interested in Financial Advising, Renaissance Financial is the place to be and our internship program is the perfect place to start.” —Natalie Shearer, Advisor, Omaha


"The internship at Renaissance does a great job of introducing you to the financial advising industry. The end goal of the internship was to learn about everything it takes to become a successful Financial Advisor. However, to my surprise, it also showed me the importance of culture within a company. Renaissance felt like a family from day one and that experience alone had given me the confidence and courage to make the leap into a career as a Financial Advisor.” —Sam Walker, Advisor, Omaha


“The Renaissance internship provides an opportunity for you to get an in-depth look at what the financial advising career looks like. From case study analysis to picking the brains of experienced advisors, the internship gives you a great understanding of the culture and the purpose of what we do at Renaissance.”
—Noah Prelutsky, Advisor, St. Louis

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