“Meeting with a few of the advisors and staff during the interview process introduced me to the unique culture of Renaissance Financial. I selected the firm because I saw an opportunity to run my own business with a passionate group of team players able to lend a helping hand. Being part of an independent firm allows me to customize and tailor needs specific to each client.” - Ryan Miller

“I was first attracted to Renaissance Financial for the same reasons everyone loves this company: the utilization of a team approach with our clients, the independent nature of our services, and the distinctive culture found within as well as the company’s commitment to me on both a personal and professional level. However, what it really boiled down to was this company just felt overwhelmingly like the right fit. I knew that Renaissance, above anywhere else, provided me the greatest opportunity to have an enormously successful career.” - Luke Scott

“While interning with Renaissance Financial I had the opportunity to be introduced to a culture that is very unique in the financial services industry. The firm provides support that is unmatched. Between a teamwork approach and the independent nature of our services, Renaissance Financial gives the tools necessary to provide our clients with advice for all aspirations in life.” - Brian Cassata

“At Renaissance Financial you are welcomed from day one and given the tools you need to be successful in this business. The ability to utilize the experience of others to help you grow your own business is unmatched.” - Evan McGinnis

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