The old myth that cash is king is false! According to Personal Capital user data, most people have less than 50% of their net worth in cash*. Cash is emotional for people and it’s also seen as a safe haven. It’s the last asset that people want to give away. When a nonprofit asks for a cash donation, you’re automatically setting yourself up to get a small donation because your donors are only looking at what they have on hand that they can give to you today instead of looking at forward thinking strategies of planned giving.


Ask your donors two questions:  

  1. First, if money was not an obstacle, what would you like to make happen and what results would you like to see here at our charity?  
  2. Second, if you had $100,000 that you could not spend or invest, but you had to give it away, what would you want it to go towards at our charity? 

These questions will naturally lead to a conversation about planned giving. 


*Personal Capital (2022, March 22) How Much Cash is Enough? Here's How High-Net-Worth People Decide Data as of March 8, 2022.,of%20their%20money%20in%20cash

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